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Privacy Policy

D. Hill School of Healthcare Services reserves the right to adopt, amend, and implement its policies and procedures, as it deems appropriate and necessary. Under certain circumstances, D. Hill School of Healthcare Services may grant exceptions to its policies and procedures in individual cases when it is determined, in the sole and absolute discretion of the institution, that such action would be appropriate to further the mission and purposes of the institution. The provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as a contract between the student and D. Hill School of Healthcare Services. The institution also reserves the right to correct any clerical errors as necessary. Prospective students should contact the Chair for information regarding any such possible changes. Currently enrolled students should consult the course Director for additional information. D. Hill School of Healthcare Services owns all trademarked images. Unless otherwise noted, other images are used under license from various stock photography sites.

Academic Policy

Grading Scale:

90-100 = A 89-80 = B 79-70 = C G 69-60 = D 59-0 = F

Student must make a “C” or above to pass course. If student receive a “D” or below, they will be given extra credit work in hopes to pull their grades up to passing.

Complaint/Grievance Policy

Complaints will be handled in a chain of command system. Students who have a complaint should first consult with their instructor. The consult may be done orally in an informal discussion. If the student’s informal attempt to resolve the matter is not successful, the student may implement a formal grievance process. The student should send an email or letter to the instructor with supporting documents of the matter at hand. The letter and supporting documents should be submitted within 1 week from when the grievance was made. If student do not submit the grievance within the 7-day period, they will waive their right to assert it. The instructor will respond in writing within 7 days following receipt of the grievance. If grievance is still not settled, then student may contact the school’s Department Head through email, within 3 days of grievance not being settled with instructor. Within 7 days of formally receiving the receipt of the student’s grievance, the Department Head will meet with student in person to discuss their grievance. In meeting with Department Head students must bring documents supporting the complaint. The Department Head will then provide a written response to the student’s grievance within 7 business days following the date of the meeting. If the student is not satisfied with the response of the Department Head, they may submit their grievance to Private School Licensure Division-Alabama Community College System at and

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