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Terms of Conditions

Refund Policy

1. The school must refund all money paid if applicant is not accepted. This includes instances where a starting class is canceled by the school.

2. (Student enrolled in BLS or First Aid) refunds will not be granted the day of class

3. Students who drop by the 5th business day after the day the contract is signed but not before classes start will receive a 100% refund

4. Students who drop during Ist week of class term will receive a 75% of tuition refund, but no registration fee refund.

5.Students who drop during 2nd week of class term will receive 50% of tuition refund with no registration fee refund

6. Students who drop between the 3rd week- 6th week will receive no tuition refund and no registration fee refund

7.(Students with payment arrangements) If tuition is not paid on time and in full amount by the 3rd Friday of class term, student will be dropped from the program with NO refund.

8. Students who may acquire COVID-19 within the class term will receive a refund that depends on the last day of student's class attendance.

9.All refunds due will be paid within 30 days of the student's last day of attendance

10. Books are purchased by the school and are considered the school's property. All books must be returned by the last day of class term. If books are damaged or lost there will be a $75 fee that must be paid before Certificate of Completion is awarded.

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Behavior/ Disciplinary Policy

Disruptive behavior during class time will not be tolerated. If student is being disruptive during class, they will be asked to leave and will receive a zero for any missed assignments. Instructor will have a point system between 1 day-3 days. If student is disruptive 3 days in a term they will not be allowed to come back to class and tuition will not be refundable.

Covid-19 Policy

Student’s temperature will be taken every day at front door before entrance to class. If temperature is over 100.0F, student will not be allowed in class and will be advised to go to local hospital/ clinic to get COVID-19 test. Students must show a negative test result form for reentry into class. If student test positive for COVID-19 they must relay the results immediately to the instructor. Students will not be allowed to class for the continuing term and tuition refund will depend on the last day student attended class. Students will have an option to be placed in the following class term and will need to continue payments if money is due from previous class term. Masks are mandatory and will be provided by staff. Student desks will be 6 feet apart from each other.

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